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GUtsy Stupid Gaga

When, a stupid show off fake shallow friend of mine say gaga words to others. This shallow show off fellow frequently travels to Canada-US boarder and shop. I hope she really shops in cash not her maxed out plastics. Yes, I hate showing off people guts.  She said to our common friends that the shopping spree must be limited to 800$ and beyond that is illegal. Illegal your poor brain shallow fake friend, an A hole must be with you. I hate your gut and also your poor stupid brain. It is unfortunate how a designer bag hang on to that shoulder of a low-gutsy-poor-brain-stupid show-off gaga.

What I hate is, I was asked by her soon to be shopping companion about the import tariff or duties of their shop stuff. She is very innocent and scared about the moron-shallow-show off friend tall-tale. The shallow friend said that she could not shop more than 800$, as in not allowed. She was told. She asked me if it’s true. I said it’s stupid and not true.

I told her, that US will impose duty free to purchase stuff of up to $800, that is, you will not pay tax and import duties. When, shopping exceeds that amount, the boarder officer will impose tariff to the rest of the 800$. The shallow stupid fake friend of mine scared the hell out of our innocent friend. I even give her the example of rich people “they shop like crazy”, they spend way more than 800$. So what will happen with them?

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