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Greedy And Lazy Bum

Yes, many who are new to finance and investment world would think twice about putting up money for old age. My way of thinking right now is more on using my hard earned money for myself than it is wasted. I paid tax honestly and work my butt-out of bed to get to work, day-by-day and on-and-on, and these would run until I die or get older. Yes, I am planning to save money to my RRSP than paying tax now, while seeing other bloody people depending on the lenient-good-system. I hate these bullshit government-system abusers. These people should start working their butt, work and live a life that they worked hard for. Not just lying on bed, make some lazy reasons to dupe the system and never ending alibi’s “why could not work”. Yes, call me greedy of my own earned money. Shit! The lazy bum.

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