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Sigh! All I am wishing is to know something in the computer like one of the Digidesigns. My son digital piano is way better than what is in my mind. His digital piano is not only portable but also has other accompaniments or with other instruments to be played. But there are other things about digital that I am crazy about "to know". I am imagining and dreaming to make a comic book about people “on the bus”.  Especially people who are extremely crazy about listening to music through they're phones and ipods. I have been riding the bus for months now. I have seen and heard how people interact on the bus. I want to make stories to each of my bus rides, mostly funny stuff. To picture everything, I want to draw them using the digital comic software. There are many interesting, funny, annoying people on the bus. That is, the bus is carrying pictures of different people, different folks and different strokes in life.

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