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The Six-Month Journey

Time is ticking alright. Now, I am exactly six months pregnant and ticking at 23 weeks. I am diagnosed with Low Protein in Placenta it is a natural build up of my placenta and said “there is no medicine, vitamins or other remedies” to improve the placenta issue. Also, I am cleared of fetus physical and mental developments, it all comes out okay and perfect, except that the baby is small and gaining weight quite slow due to poor nutrients (low protein). My Obgyn assured me that there is nothing to worry about. In fact, she would see me every 4 weeks. I assume that, based on my pregnancy status they will put more effort to it, but that is not the case. Now, my worries too started to subside and continue the things I’m used doing like work, home and eat normally. I once asked what if I eat a lot, could it help the placenta. The answer is, eating and eating would make you fat not your baby, in short it doesn’t help.
Small baby is not a biggy as long as it is healthy. That is what I want to hear, and I heard it. The baby inside me is kicking and punching quite normally. He wakes up every time music is play. To every shout I spilled (my eldest is already terrible eight- not listening sometimes, it makes me mad. The baby kicks. Every meal that is not served, he kicks. Saturday is my most lazy day. I sleep late and wakes up late, be aware that baby kicks and punches for food. I have to get up and eat. Then it settles. I only have 15 more weeks to go, my Obgyn needs to cut me at 38 weeks due to my placenta. They don’t want the baby to stay longer in the womb with less nutrient intakes.

Silver Trumpet from Musicians Friend

My son now stopped his piano lessons. I did not see any improvements at all. There may be one or two but too vague to distinguish. I let him joined the school flute session, he loves it. Besides, I need him to focus in school and less time for me to send him to extracurricular that doesn’t helps at the moment. Now, he may not enjoy listening to the silver trumpet from musicians friend played, he still enjoys music by playing flute, play soccer and attending academic activities.

I'm Just Here

I been away of blogging for awhile, the death of my mother was depressing, I had to be with father for quite some time. He has no one to be with since I and my sister are living thousand miles far away from home. Though father has numerous friends but immediate family bonding is important. My blog was left behind and all other things that matters when everything was okay. I am not okay. I’m still grieving and worried most of the time for father's that lives by himself at 68 years old. Yes, he is not that old, quite healthy in fact, but with the life of loneliness without Mama, his children and grandchildren. All will turn to sour existence if he continues to live a life like before when everything is normal in his surroundings with Mama. I could not say that he is back to normal life, but he is coping, very healthy and happy a little with his singleness.

Custom Home

We are all aware that our economy is slowing down and many homes being foreclosed by banks. These are natural phenomenons connected to sluggish economy, yet we continue to seek the roof that cover our head and a home that keep us safe. We may say that we can postpone buying a house today but we cannot say that we don’t need one. We all need a home and many of us want to live in our own house. Where do we start? Buy a house that was already built that’s ready to move in or build a house like one of the custom homes. The custom houses are generally plan according to the needs and comforts of the owner. Personally, I choose to build my own home based on my needs, designs, style and comfort. How about you?

Legal Funding from LawMax

The economy is slowing down and it affected many of us households and especially the workforce. Most of us are in the working class status that means that we work to live and enjoy little leisure sometimes. There are many companies are shut down and about to, losing our job and thereby our home the center of our existence. Why we react fierce fully when losing the source of our livelihood? We have nowhere to go to finance our expenditures like our mortgages, bills and the incoming expenses.
Filling for bankruptcy to settle our debt is difficult because of the costs incurs. Legal Funding is not cheap for us to deal with when we are in the midst of financial crisis. We are indebted to many companies, we also need to fix our present financial problems in order to minimize future household financial problems. Why not try asking the help of LawMax? There is no harm in trying to know our chances and benefits. What is important right now is we have the option where to find someone to help us.

Auto Loan

I was asked once about what are the type and brand of car I’m going to buy? I said, there are only two brands to choose but I’m still learning to drive and hopefully I will get my driver license. In developed countries, car is a necessity especially if you are working. Money matter is not an issue to have a car because today there are many ways to acquire car like Auto Financing if you don’t have enough cash on hand. We could always ask the assistance of the financial institution to help us purchase our dream car and they will make it possible. Other advantage of this Auto Loan Company, they will disregard you’re previous bad credit standing or you had Bad Credit Auto Loan record before. Typically, many Auto loan companies will turn down the Auto Loan applicant who had bad credit record in the past. Not anymore, the Apex Auto Loan Company will give chance to those individual who was turned down or had bad credit Auto loan. Come and see the opportunity that has been created for you in need.

Holiday Shopping

It’s almost September and when the calendar months syllable end at “ber” that means the holiday seasons are approaching. September is the beginning of autumn follows by Halloween, and then Thanksgiving the day we gather together with our family and friends to celebrate the feast of abundance. If December have Boxing Day right after the Christmas Day, then Thanksgiving Day right after have black friday. Black Friday is the beginning of the day that we start stacking and collecting gifts for our love ones that we have to distribute on Christmas Eve.
Thanksgiving fever will end in a day and before the day will end. I hope that you already list down the things that you need to buy for the holiday shopping. Don’t waste money and time browsing too many shops everyday until Christmas shopping fever will come. Black Friday is the best time for you to start browsing and do your shopping. There are many assorted goods that are already bundle by set or if you wish to choose your own good to be packed to make it more personal, they can customize the complete set of gifts for you based on the selected goods on your wishing list. Why bother and hassle yourself of these tedious chores when Black Friday will do it for you. I browsed the site today, and I found out that most of the goods I like and love to give as gifts for the coming holiday are from different stores where I usually shop, and it is also available for Black Friday customers. This is very convenient for me and come to think of it, the rush fever of holiday shopping in outdoors shopping is totally disorganize and hectic.

Let Me Be

When money is really tight, even a belt breaks apart because you pull them together tight. That’s how I needed money during the holidays. I’m promising a big adopted sister a small business to keep her family financial needs on balance. See, I don’t want it for myself. I need it to help a family friend. The only thing I wish to accomplish this holiday. Thanks to my vacation pay, although it’s not much but it could cover at least two thirds of what I promised. I thought that I could make this promise before Christmas in full blast, my lotto ticket few days ago, let me won only a free ticket for the next draw. What would I do if I won 10 grand? Will I jumped, cry of happiness, shout or what? I most certain, I will be quite, do you think so? Lotto machine at the counter will likely say “winner- gagnant” ha ha ha. Bang! Blasted my secret instantly.

It's Back To Blogging

Dear all readers, sorry for not updating my blog lately. I have been very busy back home to my first country. I was really busy due to my mother’s passing. I am now back to the blogger world and ready to make noise about my daily rumblings and rants. I hope you all have enjoyed summer break with its very delightful sun. I’ve heard that, it’s been much warmed summer. I was in Asia, it’s summery all year round but there are more rains. My three months vacation is not really called vacation escapade but rather more on grieving and to be with our father who is greatly affected by our Mom’s passing. I do promised myself one day, that we could spend holidays in full blasts with my husband. Hubby is always left at home every time.


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